Erika Roe 

       The Twickenham Streaker

     2015 calendar

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When Erika Roe dashed topless across Twickenham Rugby Grounds it was described by the BBC as "perhaps the most famous of all streaks" and she took the headlines by storm, becoming an overnight celebrity.

To the astonishment of family and friends, Erika has never accepted offers to pose naked. The renowned Twickenham streaker returns to defy the modern concept of a women's perfect image and to support the fight against breast cancer.


Things only changed when my daughter Imogen, started experimenting with photography through her Fine Art degree and asked if I would pose nude for her.

The photographs were initially taken with no intent of releasing them to the public, simply a daughter taking photos of her Mum, natural and unpretentious. 

Over the past few years we have joined in the discussion on how women are being misrepresented in the media. I know by experience, that it is hard enough coming to terms with the aging process, and the so called “perfect image” created by computer manipulation and airbrushing does not help.

Women of all ages go to great and sometimes painful lengths to attain modern society's false affirmation of what beauty is. This is proving to have serious detrimental effects on self-esteem and it is especially disturbing to hear about girls as young as 16 considering cosmetic surgery.

I have been lucky in having my daughter beside me with constant words of encouragement to help me gain the confidence to age gracefully.  On days when I look in the mirror, hating my wrinkles, she insists they are beautiful. "Your wrinkles tell stories, a canvas full of lessons learnt, knowledge and wisdom. They tell stories of laughter and sorrow. Appreciate them." ​Those are wise words and I have come to learn slowly that health and beauty comes from gaining self confidence, and learning to appreceate and respect oneself as a worthy individual.

​A portion of the profits will be donated to UK charity Against Breast Cancer.

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A portion of the profits will be donated to UK charity Against Breast Cancer
Registered charity number 1121258
You may remember me as the lass who streaked across Twickenham in 1982. It was a moment of spontaneous freedom and fun, and I truly thought it would be forgotten as quickly as it happened, but was I wrong!
Over the years I was invited for interviews and approached by leading mens magazines to pose in the nude, which I refused, to the amazement of friends and family.